Empowering Tech Startups for a Better Tomorrow.

At SecretLab, we nurture innovators and accelerate growth for a healthy, happy, and sustainable future.

Empowering Tech Startups for a Better Tomorrow.

At Secret Lab, we nurture innovators and accelerate growth for a sustainable future.

Our mission — Creating a better tomorrow.

By investing in tech startups with sustainable, socially responsible visions, we play a pivotal role in shaping a future that benefits not just today’s entrepreneurs, but the planet, communities, and individuals alike.

Our vision — Empowering startups to make a positive impact.

We navigate startups through the challenges of the entrepreneurial journey, and together, we are shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for all. Join us on our mission to empower the changemakers of tomorrow.

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A forefront player in direct-to-consumer in-vitro diagnostic testing, BioCoach focuses on empowering individuals to tackle metabolic health challenges. Through advanced monitoring systems and integrated at-home solutions, they provide comprehensive support for managing conditions like obesity and diabetes.


Bright.Space transforms out-of-home advertising into captivating, immersive experiences. Using AI-powered analytics and interactive touchscreens, it crafts dynamic campaigns that inspire. From vibrant vending machines to engaging EV charging stations, Bright.Space connects with students, affluent shoppers, and tech-savvy individuals, creating memorable brand interactions in prime locations.


The Future is connected Retail. Bright.Blue is revolutionising traditional retail by unleashing the power of AI and IoT connected technology. Bright.Blue drives profitability, elevating customer experience and streamlining operations. Create a Customer from a Sale. Create a Story from an Event.


With a focus on a brighter, more sustainable future, Bright.Green is at the forefront of the EV Revolution, improving charging infrastructure with smart, accessible and regulation-compliant solutions for new and existent charging networks.


See It, Live It, Share It. Fuzzy.Day revolutionizes travel by matching users with inspirational short-form videos and AI-generated recommendations for transport, hotels, and dining. Streamline your trip planning with collaborative timelines and chats.

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Tailored strategies to navigate the tech startup landscape and drive long-term growth.


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A new era of weight-loss gadgets is here.

“BioCoach has FDA clearance for its glucose and ketone meter, which checks glucose levels and tests for ketones in the blood”

BioCoach Reaches $100 Million valuation.

“The tech we’ve built is truly one of a kind, and BioCoach’s mission of making healthy living simple is something SecretLab is so proud to invest in.”